Founded in 2004 Ci2i Media is a local outdoor media firm that harnesses the marketing power of over 8 million mall visitors each month. Our success is built upon the consolidation of all mall media to offer customized, high impact, geographical footprints that deliver value and results. In 2007 we added experiential marketing to help clients establish stronger personal connections between people and brands leading to increased sales and brand loyalty. Our love for creating new experiences led us into succesfully realizing our first ever large scale event; Winter Wonderland,Convention Center 2010.



Our media advertising is a direct way of communicating a message to the general public in one of the most frequented places in modern society - your local mall. The power of using mall media is in the fact that these forms of marketing are constant visual reminders for the people who see them every day. In this sense, products are being marketed to a captive audience. No matter how often the advertisement is seen, each encounter helps to reinforce the awareness of the product or service that is being marketed. The end result is that an individual may see your ad for an extended period of time, and one day determine that the item being advertised meets a need. There is no question about where the person will go in order to meet that need.



Experiential Marketing is the new paradigm of consumer engagement that creates fresh connections between brands and consumers out in the world where things happen. These connections are in the form of experiences that are personally relevant, memorable, interactive and emotional. Connections that lead to increased brand loyalty and sales.



In our pursuit to bring fresh and entertaining ideas to the general public we created Winter Wonderland. A real snow event complete with a tubing ramp, snow battle area and a skiing village. This family oriented event was our first entry into the exciting world of large scale productions and events. Our talented team of professionals are currently working on new and exciting concepts that promise to offer something different and unique in a market that is largely dominated by unimaginative and revenue-driven interests. If you are seeking to convey your message in a fun and friendly environment and to actively encourage community focussed events please contact us for more information.



Regional Malls

Strip Malls

Northern Region Laguna Gardens, ISLA VERDE
San Patricio Plaza, GUAYNABO Plaza Caparra, GUAYNABO
Las Catalinas Mall, CAGUAS Rexville Plaza, BAYAMÓN
Montehiedra Town Center, SAN JUAN Villa Fontana, CAROLINA
The Outlet Mall, CANOVANAS 65th Inf. Shopping Ctr, Rio Piedras
Plaza Centro Mall, CAGUAS Reparto Metro. Shopping Ctr, RIO PIEDRAS
Plaza Del Sol, BAYAMÓN El Senorial Paza, RIO PIEDRAS
Plaza Rio Hondo, BAYAMÓN Plaza Escorial, CAROLINA
Santa Rosa Mall, BAYAMÓN Plaza Caparra, GUAYNABO
Centro Gran Caribe, VEGA ALTA Santa Maria, VEGA ALTA
Plaza Carolina, CAROLINA Santa Maria, VEGA ALTA
Galeria Paseos, SAN JUAN Plaza Vega Baja, VEGA BAJA
Western Region Monte Sol, FAJARDO
Prime Outlets, BARCELONETA Eastern Plaza, FAJARDO
Plaza Del Norte, HATILLO Plaza Fajardo, FAJARDO
Aguadilla Mall, AGUADILLA Plaza Cayey, CAYEY
Mayaguez Town Center, MAYAGUEZ Plaza Villa Blanca, CAGUAS
Southern Region El Monte Town Center, PONCE
Plaza Del Caribe, PONCE Plaza Isabela, ISABELA
Eastern Region Plaza Wal-Mart, GUAYAMA
Plaza Palma Real, HUMACAO Plaza Salinas, SALINAS
Plaza Guayama, GUAYAMA Plaza Del Oeste, SAN GERMAN



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